Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Disapointment Lake

Eric and I just returned from a trip to the Boundary Waters with three other couples. To sum it up in a word, it was FUN. I, personally, needed to play a little bit and got many opportunities to indulge. Eric, I presume, needed a new audience for some punny jokes that have been clamoring around in his head. The humor found it's way out. FUN.

Now, like any good drama, the highs could not have been so high without a few lows. Our campsite for three days was located on a small, rocky, picturesque island on none other than Disappointment Lake. On Disappointment Lake ...

... Eric's Teva sandal strap broke, leaving him without aquatic footwear
... it rained every night
... Eric fell in the water THREE different times trying to get in our canoe
... A lovely small mouthed bass freed himself AFTER being caught
... Eric dumped A LOT of charcoal ash in our chocolate cherry cheesecake
... then Eric dumped our chocolate cherry ash cheesecake on the ground
... we ate Ash cake mixed with dirt
... two black bear found our bear tree and greeted the men at the tree one evening
... after relocating our food pack onto the mainland, a bear still found it
... our food pack was the only pack to be completely consumed by the bear, save one grimy aluminum spoon
... we borrowed the world's slowest and heaviest canoe for the trip
... we proved to be the world's slowest and heaviest paddling team
... we were met with huge gusts of wind and billowing "seas" on our way out, doubling our paddling time...

BUT, it was still so much FUN!!!

Hopefully I'll post some pictures soon.