Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aruba, Crisis, and 3 Babies

My father in law just returned from his annual one month trip to Aruba. He spent yesterday unpacking, repacking, gifting, and talking about what God taught him while he was away. A lot of talking. One word kept coming up over and over again: Crisis. He listened to a preacher talk about how sometimes our lives are just one crisis after another. I'm sure the preacher expounded on God taking care of us during crisis as well, but my ears were full after awhile ;). Our small family is not currently in the midst of a crisis (unless you count the serious sleep deprivation we've been experiencing lately), but this week I've watched several tornadoes storm through the lives of those close to us.
1. Last Monday Eric's brother's wife gave birth to their second son, Solomon Leo Patenaude. His arrival was early, so they are now in the midst of a crisis with their 7 week premature baby. We are so thankful for modern medical technology that has kept little Solomon alive and will continue to sustain him until he is able to nurse and breath well on his own. Their family is banking their hope on Jesus to sustain them through this trying time. Ryan (dad), was in the midst of student teaching and has had to quit, Stephanie (mom) had to go home and experience the joys of postpartum life without her sweet baby by her side, and Thor (big brother-16 mos. old) is making some adjustments too, I'm sure.

2. Our close friends and partners in sanctification, Luke and Jennifer, found out on Tuesday that they will be moving to Iowa in a couple of months. This was a HUGE surprise and not a welcome one. They are struggling to believe that God has a good plan for them and that He will provide all the things they long for. Little Malachi (2 yrs) and Baby Nerea (2 months) are along for the ride...

3. My sister and her Baby Levi (6 mos.) were in a serious car accident on Thursday. They were hit by another driver then taken by ambulance to the ER. Thankfully they each only sustained minor injuries, but the car they were driving is fatally wounded. My sister is in the midst of a difficult first semester of Nursing School, but will need to rest some before returning to full speed mode.
I felt a certain adrenaline rush as I watched from the sidelines of each of these situations. We know how stressful crisis is for a family, though thankfully ours have always been brief. As God brings these three babies and their families to mind, please pray for them. Pray that the "peace of God would guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:6-7).

Peace to each of you.

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Liz and Paul Holton said...

My heart just aches for all these families! I sure will be praying that God's peace will cover them and protect them and that they will feel God's arms wrapped around them in comfort. Please send our love to your precious sister and her family. Again, we will be praying for everyone you mentioned!