Friday, April 02, 2010

Looking Back at Winter

We're away in Crookston this weekend celebrating Easter and having some family time. It's fun! At present, I am blogging to keep myself awake while I watch the other adults play a long, drawn out game of Seafarers of Catan. This is the "three hour tour game, here on Patenaude's Island...".

While we sit, I am sharing photos from this winter. This was a blessed winter. Very little "cold/flu season" sickness. Lots of sparkly white snow. Relatively short in duration. Spring has arrived early, boasting a snowless March and summer temperatures over the last few days. The girls are begging me to fill up the kiddie pool. Invigorating!

However, I'm taking a moment to travel back in time. Eric went on another of his winter adventures, testing his manliness and survival skills. This year the weather was a full 50 degrees warmer than last year. Yes, it was in the mid 2o's, making it practically a tropical getaway in mid-February.

Eric describes the trip as cold, fun, awesome. Here are the pictures in no particular order at all: Building the quinzee. I think there were 12 guys on the trip this year.
loaded up sleds.
diversion on Saturday afternoon. Sledding
Everybody together in the quinzee.
Eric is warm blooded (yes, he's a mammal!), so during the challenging up and down hike, pulling a sled full of gear, he stripped down to his undies. No, those are are not his everyday shorts. He said he kept his body heat while shoveling snow for the quinzee, so he didn't have to put on pants until three hours after arriving in camp.
mug shot.
Morning fire.

The first quinzee actually caved in, and they had to build another the next day. This photo is a good teaching tool...
Close quarters... shoulder to shoulder... these men are bonded for life...
morning devotional time?
aerial view of the camp (if you can say "aerial" when you're just standing on top of a hill).
The whole gang (L-R): Bert Eikum, Nathan Hettick, Jonathan Anderstrom, Aaron Darling,
Chad Whipple, Robin Sutphen, Scott Krismarzick (sp?), Jason Lindquist, Eric, Clyde Veldhuizen, Luke Thompson, Mark Brenner.

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