Tuesday, May 11, 2010


EVA (walking into the room carrying two blankets over her shoulder, rolled so tightly that they are stiff as boards): "Do you want one of these blankets? Do you want this one that is as colorful as a rainbow and as silky as mud? Or do you want this one that is as soft as a lamb and as cuddly as a baby?"

Which one do I choose? The rainbow mud, or the lamb-baby?

HOPE (standing on the stage that is the living room floor): "Hi. I'm Emily Elizabeth and I'm going to be doing a dance called Ballerina Banana."

Dancing ensues...
HOPE: "What is that little house for?"
ME: "That is where they sell Christmas trees in the winter."
ERIC: "That is where Santa lives."
ME: "But we know that Santa isn't real, right?"
long pause...
EVA: "Mom, I don't think that's an appropriate thing to say. Because God made Christmas for presents, and Santa brings presents to kids. So, I think the kids are going to be disappointed."

Don't worry, we had a short refresh-your-theology conversation following this discourse. :)

HOPE: "Esther isn't old enough to have gum. Because she isn't three enough. No, Esther isn't three enough so she isn't three enough to have gum. She is 60-80 because she isn't three enough to have gum.
Got it, Hope. She isn't three enough!


The Mrs. said...

Oh, cute!!!

Luke and Jen said...

I love little kid conversations!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Your kids say the cutest things!!! :) I love how Hope repeated "she's not three enough" over and over again! :) I think middle children repeat things a lot for their opinion to be "heard." I was a middle child and I still do that. :)

HB said...

Your girls are too cute!