Friday, September 03, 2010

In Hope's World

Eva and Hope are engaged in a game of pretend. They have fused their Little People-Polly Pocket-wooden blocks worlds into one creative little city. On Eva's side of town, Polly Pockets live in elaborate homes on stilts. These are Chinese people and they live by the sea, I'm told. They drive convertibles and their towering homes are amazingly symmetrical.

On the opposite side of town, Hope has constructed a lovely Little People cave dwelling. The Little People live partly protected from the terrors of the outside world by camping pads propped up to create a fort. And the best part of Hope's world??? She describes, "My house stinks 'cause tormadoes* are pooping in the toilet." Never a dull moment in Hope's imagination!

Then, when the tormadoes* get off the pot to make their terrorizing trip through town, Hope cries out, "Anybody on the ground! There's a tormado!"

*Hopespeak for "tornadoes"


AKat said...

HA!!! LOVE her!!! How are you, Becs? I need to do a post on BTR. I miss it. I have been reading your blog via my phone and, therefore, have been a horrible commenter. I am sorry! Your blog is one of my very favorites. You make me laugh, cry and think. All great qualities for a blog. :)

Luke and Jen said...

I LOVE when Hope cries out "Anybody on the ground!!" Eva could utilize that for her "our family needs more money" purposes. If you yell that at people, I think you'd get a lot more money than you would with a whiteboard on the side of the road...