Thursday, October 07, 2010

How come you never blog anymore???

Because it has been an extremely productive garden year (except for tomatoes).

Because I currently have 18 pie pumpkins on my patio and 30 more in the garden.

Because I have at least 50 lbs. of winter squash "keeping" until winter and twice as much still in the garden.

Because my house smelled like rotting tomatoes for a whole week before I remembered the huge bag of tomatoes hiding in the corner.

Because our diet consists of a variety of simple, semi convenience foods and every possible combination of vegetable side dishes.

Because there are 30 pounds of beets in the aforementioned corner of the kitchen now. And a whole 'nother row still in the garden.

Because our breakfasts are ALWAYS accompanied by fresh carrot/apple/beet juice and I cannot fathom the idea of keeping the pulp for baking purposes.

Because potatoes are my new favorite vegetable. They KEEP for a long time!

Because I have served apples in every possible manner: pie, cake, muffins, sauce, butter, from the hand, with carmel, cider...

Because one entire produce drawer in the refrigerator is filled with Anaheim *HOT* peppers. Must make jelly?

Because my fingers and fingernails are permanently stained by beet juice and dirt.

Because my kitchen floor is nothing short of disgusting, layer upon layer of sticky squished tomatoes, carrots, summer squash, and more spotting the floor. If you love me, you will come and scrub my kitchen floor!

Because I am living on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Half of the time I am in a frenzy of chopping, dicing, canning, and freezing. The rest of the time I am in the fetal position, crying for my mommy to come and please tell me what to do next.

with love from my "fragrant" kitchen,

PS)although it may not sound like it, I love fall. The weather, the produce, the leaves, the fires.

PPS)If this sounds like a lot of vegetables, just remember this is only 1/3 of the booty. We had a cooperative garden this year and divided everything equally. Holy pile o' produce!


Beth said...

Sounds yummy... wish I was close enough to cook and clean with you :)

rob said...

I love how God uses different "seasons" and seasons in our lives to grow us in a different way. Way to grab hold of the produce and do something with it!

Love, Katie

AKat said...

Becca, you are so inspiring! I can't wait until we can plant a garden. I love, love fresh vegetables.

Can I call you Becca Schrute with all those beets?!

The Mrs. said...

Crazy woman. Let's not forget all the produce that you guys couldn't gobble up fast enough that mom gave to me. That garden was huge . Good job. Oh, and I love you, but I might not come and scrub your floor.... we will see. ;-)