Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I can hardly keep up with all the goofy things Hope says these days. But Eva has mostly transitioned out of the really cute, wacky, random, nonsensical, quotable stage of toddler hood and the preschool years. Now she is a verified gradeschooler, and the funny phrases of yesteryear are all but extinct. Except for these recent goodies:

(on the 5 hour drive to Crookston for Christmas, from the way back of the van) "Are we there yet??? I counted to a million and six already!"

(while reading aloud Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, where Aunt Jane says that Rebecca can be anything she wants when she grows up, I ask Eva what she wants to be when she grows up.) "I want to be an actor in plays... and a vegetarian." I ask, "Do you mean you won't eat any meat?!?" Eva gives me a quizzical look and after some thought, "No, a veterinarian."