Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Esther Update

Esther definitely gets the least amount of press on this blog of anyone in our family. Here's an attempt at turning that around!

These days (these last few months...), Esther has been stuck between babyland and toddlerhood. She just can't seem to make up her mind which direction she should go, and eventually, the inevitable will befall her. I suspect that her personal self-image is utterly baby, although by virtue of intelligent design she is slowly maturing into a toddler.

On the baby side of things, she enjoys two long naps each day and an early bedtime of 7:15 or so. She still refuses to walk, crawls, and often demands to be carried to wherever she wants to go. She loves to be held, especially when I need to get something done :).

Meanwhile, over in toddlerland, she has been eating anything and everything since about 7 months. She self-weaned at 13 months (much earlier than the older girls) with absolutely no fanfare. She loves to read books, and at 16 months has quite a bit to say. It all starts with her favorite word, "Gak." For every 10 times she points at something and says, "Gak", she throws in some of her other favorites:

Hup (Hope)
Ayra (Eva)
Uh oh
Nah (No)
Yaw (yes)
Grnma (Grandma)
Die die (Bye bye)
Au Dai (All done)

She also signs "more", "all done" and "please".

Esther is passionately embracing the "dump and fill" stage, and wanders from room to room on her hands and knees looking for anything and everything to dump or unload. She even loves to clean up after herself, as long as someone comes along and happily announces "Time to clean up!" At that signal, the girl can quite rapidly undo almost any mess she has created. As long as there are pieces to be put in a container, that is.

Esther loves to LAUGH loudly and squeal with her sisters. She really likes to charm the masses, and is extremely curious about anything her sisters are doing. Generally (when she doesn't have some seasonal virus), she is loads of fun and full of smiles. We all completely adore her!

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Aunt Nedra said...

In this bottom photo, I think Esther looks a lot like Hope. Love you baby/toddler girl :o)