Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stroller Derby Video

We keep joking that Old Man Winter has been on speed (a few have suggested Cialis) through the entire season this year. It has snowed, even just a little, every single day for months now. We have blind corners at every turn, narrow streets, tunnel-like sidewalks, "ice dam" seems to be the word of the day (every day), and the hems of our jeans have permanent salt lines inching higher and higher. I inwardly scoff when the girls check the calendar each day to confirm, "Yes, only 16 more days until Spring!" Spring storms in Minnesota are some of the worst.

The girls get outside often, but some days it is just too darn cold. Today it wasn't that cold, so Eva and Hope, in a sudden, rowdy fit of excitement burst through the front door. They ran up and down the sidewalk and around the side of the house wearing only socks and a single layer of indoor clothing. Eva, in a dress, even had bare legs. I didn't care. I just hollered out the door, "Come inside when you get cold!" They lasted a good three or four minutes...

Anyway, the video I am including here is to prove several things:

1. Happiness is an older sister who adores you.
2. Noise levels reach record heights immediately preceding bedtime.
3. Small houses have a surprisingly large capacity for fun.
4. Parents really do slack off on the rules the more kids they have. (In the name of good stewardship and safety, Eva and Hope were NEVER allowed in the doll stroller.)
5. I may have completely lost my marbles.
6. Esther's lack of walking ambition may be fueled by the obvious display of charity.
7. Spring (Real Spring, that is) couldn't come soon enough.

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