Saturday, September 10, 2011

Camping with the Eikum Small Group

Original title, eh? As you might have guessed, we went camping with our small group this weekend. We accomplished a one night stay at Baker Park Reserve, just 30 minutes from home. To all you locals: I really liked this park! Close to home, clean, great facilities. I think we'll be going there again, but hopefully for a longer stay next time.

Small group camping trips always create a fascinating group dynamic. You are not necessarily camping with your best friends, or your children's grandparents, or avid outdoor adventurers, or people who even like camping! You are there simply to be together, get to know each other better and make some memories. So, here are some of my favorite memories from the trip:

A derailed kickball game after our ball suddenly deflated and permanently failed it's calling in life.

Becca Bice's carefully and neatly packed individual bags of gorp, as well as AMAZING mint brownies and homemade salsa with chips.

Ashley developing her athleticism, combining jump kicks and Frisbee.

Eva erupting in giggles watching Ashley work on her Frisbee skills.

Hearing Bronte and Lily share their testimonies of God's grace to them.

Singing with the guitar around the campfire.

S'mores made with Reces peanut butter cups.

Explaining the full moon to Hope, who them suggested that tomorrow there would probably be a "triangle moon."

The kids glee over finding a "secret path lake".

Madalyn, Olivia, Eva, and Hope collecting scores of unique caterpillars and creating a caterpillar hospital.

Telling our real life scary stories around the campfire until half the girls were afraid to even walk to the outhouse.

Bronte, Beth, and Becca Bice's terrified screams after Eric ambushed them on the way to the outhouse. (All time best scare!)

Bronte's sharp reply to Eric, "What are you!?! Twelve!?!"

Falling asleep in the tent without a rain fly, gazing at the full moon.

Waking up in the tent to sweet Esther prying at my eyes and exclaiming, "Wake up, Mama!"

Shelly's Old Country Buffet mock-up at our campfire breakfast. Incredible spread!

Sitting around in the sunshine, chatting and mentally thanking God for blue skies.

Ian and Esther clowning around together, kissing and hugging and "running" down the hills.

Everyone taking a turn at holding peaceful Baby Gwen.

Hope and Esther getting ridiculously dirty, and once again proving that all things fun necessitate stain treatment.

A perfect day to sit by the lake.

Girls building sand castles and soaking up the late summer sunshine.

Anna and Jason taking Ian and Esther for a romp in the lake. tons of baby giggles!

Standing in the water shooting the breeze with the Lindquists, savouring every last breath of summer.

My tank has been refilled and I am both tuckered out and invigorated!


Eric said...

I can't tell if by "Reces" you meant Reece's of feces...

Lily Fluharty said...

Loved this blog post and the pics! It was a fun time had by all! :)

and... gross eric! :)