Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lighten Up

It's been awhile since I posted a funny kid quote, so here we go:

At breakfast one morning last week, Eva asks her routine question, "How big is the baby now, mom?"

I answer by holding my thumb and pointer finger about an inch and a half apart.

She responds with her usual response, "Ooooh, that's big."

Then she asks, "How big is my furnace, mommy?"

I stare blankly until the light goes on upstairs, "Do you mean your uterus?"

Eva, "yeah."

Again I demonstrate a very small space with my fingers. Again she says, "Wow, that's big."

So, the next time some one asks you about the age of your furnace... or suggests you get a more energy efficient model... or for that matter, mentions prolapsed uterus or hysterectomy... make sure to clarify, "Do you mean my furnace or my uterus?"

Eva is in constant conversation about the baby these days. She is so excited! And it is so fun to know that she really understands what she is so excited about. She calls the baby "him" and cannot hide her conviction that the baby will be a boy. When Eric asked her what she thinks we should name "him" at dinner tonight, she responded with "Zaccheus" (pretty sure that's not the right spelling, but you know him, right? The short guy from the Bible in the sycamore tree!). She doesn't have a girl name, but she exclaimed, "Not Baby Suzie... that's a baby doll name!"

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Erin said...

love it! that is just too cute. When our "furnace" was broken, I can definitely say it wasn't my "uterus". :)