Thursday, April 09, 2009

She's makin' her list...

Sitting at the table munching oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday, Eva and I discuss life. She loves the cookies, despite the fact that I "guessed" on the salt, adding too much and accidentally added an extra 1/4 c. of oatmeal which made them D-R-Y. Obviously, she doesn't have very high expectations of my baking! And really, any cookie is a treat at our house :).

The new baby conversation starts again, taking a surprising turn.

Eva (joyfully): When the baby's three, I'll be seven!
Me: That's right.
Eva (with pride): I'm growin' up fast!
Me: You sure are!
Eva (sounding a little overwhelmed): I don't know what boy I'm going to marry, though.
Me: Well, you have a long time before you need to know.
Eva (assuredly): But when I'm a grown up, I'll know.
Me: How?
Eva (smiles and shrugs): I'll just put it on my list!

I think there are a few of you out there who could test that advice for me... would you mind? Just so we're ready when the time comes? -wink, wink-


Erin said...

Oh! Pricelesss! Eva, dear, you're marrying Keean - remember? :)
By the way, I asked God if I could marry my best friend, and I did. He was my best friend before he was an intrest. :)

Jessica said...

oh are hilarious :)

HB said...

THAT'S what I've been missing...a LIST! :)

kunnak1 said...

I was JUST going to say that Hannah, apparently I forgot to make a list...well, maybe it's that the list is too long ;)

Nedra said...

A very special list led me right to Uncle Dana!

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