Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Two record-breaking weather days in row here... today 93 degrees, yesterday 97. Calls for the kiddie pool, I'd say!Ella is on the go, finally, and enamored with the small pleasures of the backyard. No pool for this one, yet. Hazel partakes of the community water bottle. Don't you wish you could squeeze those arms?!?
Hope dips her feet in the pool. That girl LOVES the water!
Grandma Patenaude visited tonight, and we had a belated Mother's Day dinner. I tried a different (and more authentic, at least to the average Mid-westerner) tiramisu recipe. It was awesome. So glad there are leftovers!


rob said...

Thanks for blogging in the midst of a busy life!


Erin said...

you posted! yay! :)
Hope and I must be of the same gene pool (haha no pun intended) because I LOVE water too!

rob said...

I would love the recipe! I LOVE that dessert!