Monday, August 17, 2009

Ohio Vacation: Final Edition

Did you think I forgot all about the last days of our Ohio vacation? I know you were waiting on the edge of your seat for it (hah!). Truthfully, I've been without my computer for a week or more now, and have had to use Eric's laptop which does not house any of our family pictures. So, we were on hold. But we're back now!

So, we spent our last day in CW in a very laid back fashion. In the morning we hit some neighborhood garage sales, finding a few little treasures. The girls were starting to really melt down from all the chaos of the week. I mean -good- chaos... you know, vacationing and sightseeing is just very different from our predictable days at home. So, garage saling was not the greatest outing for hot, crabby, hungry, tired little girls. But we all survived, and maybe even had a little fun along the way.

After much needed naps, we decided to hit the CW pool. Due to Ryan's status and popularity in their small town, we were waved on through the admission gate, saving a few bucks. The girls had a lot of fun playing in the pool and meeting other little fishies to splash with. One kind little girl shared her goggles and foam noodle, which were a total thrill for our uninitiated little swimmers!Ryan and Eric goaded each other on to great acts of bravery on the 3 m. diving board, which (to me) seemed like child's play after the cliff jumping adventure earlier in the week. For some reason, they were both a little nervous about the high dive, but by the end of the afternoon they had conquered their fears. Stephanie even took a turn, making a great splash in her sunny, yellow swimsuit. After pool fun, we headed back to the house for pizza and packing. We sat on the patio eating small town pizza and drinking Ryan's home brew (except I drank water :). And watching Thor gnaw on unripe black walnuts. It was perfectly restful.

I have no recollection of our activities after pizza, aside from lots of packing and puting little children to bed. I do recall my last full night's sleep on the world's most comfortable couch though (a pregnant woman says so!). We slept in every morning in CW, and both Eric and I LOVED sleeping on the long brown couches. They were perfectly supportive and cushy, and for some reason we woke each day feeling wonderfully rested. I'd say that is a great feat to be accomplished by couch sleeping!

Anyway, after one more night on the couches, we quietly slipped out the door and into the van at 6:15 the next morning. Mercifully, the weather was basically cool and rainy most of the way home. We had another excellent day of travelling, sans air conditioning, and made excellent time cruising across the Midwest. Once we hit the MN border it was like a switch flipped, and the girls immediately started bugging each other. So, 30 minutes from home, we pulled over for our first and only disciplinary action in the car. All in all, after 30 total hours of driving, they did well and I cannot complain! We're already planning our next journey East, although we're doubtful it will be next summer. Maybe the following year, and maybe I'll be 28 weeks pregnant on arrival as it's been the last two trips!

And that's all about the Ohio vacation.

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makes me want to go swimming...
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