Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wishy-washy Wednesday

It was a watery wonderland Wednesday, in more ways than one. First, it rained. A lot. Second, Hope was initiated into the potty training hall of fame. or shame. or something. Actually, she did pretty well, ending the day with a few successful trips to the potty all by herself. I must say though, with the rain absolutely pouring down outside, the alley turned to a raging river, and the frequently flowing fluids inside, it really felt monsoon-ish around here.

The following pictures deserve some explanation. At lunch, Hope announced that she had peed in her booster seat. Being that I take the "bare bottom" approach to toilet training, soon there was a "sunny" marigold-colored puddle under her chair. On any other day I would have taken the whole ensemble to the patio to be sprayed down with the garden hose. Today, I just tossed the booster onto the patio. Soon, I looked out the kitchen window to see the already-potty-trained one stirring a soup of rain water, beach toys, gardening tools, and urine soaked booster seat. Later, there was a knock on the back door and a high pitched voice announced, "Delivery! Your new chair." I said, "Thank you very much!" At this point, if you question both my parenting and housekeeping skills, I don't blame you. In my own defense, the rain was the warm, play-in-it variety, and the chair got thoroughly cleansed after an afternoon on the back stoop. Of greater importance, we all still have our sanity, which is an accomplishment on such a wringing-wet Wednesday!

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Erin said...

congratulations on a wet success- keeping your sanity while potty training! good thing you didn't lose the boosterseat in the tornados that sprinkled the twincity area. :)