Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maybe I'm pregnant???

Doubtful, truly doubtful. BUT, I've indulged in some unusual pleasures today that might make one wonder.

1) Coffee. I made a whole pot for myself. Of course, I can't drink more than one cup (and it takes me all day) without getting an upset stomach... thanks to all the years of completely avoiding caffeine... still coffee was delicious today.

2) Teddy Grahams. Our elderly neighbor gave Eva a whole unopened bag of them this afternoon. I took the liberty of opening them while the girls were ALL napping (a rare occurrence), and they compliment a sip of coffee very well. I've never had more than one or two of them since I've never actually bought them, but they're yummy!

3) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. We had some friends living with us last week who love ice cream (shout out to the Thompsons!), so Eric instructed me to buy lots of it. After their departure, the only varieties we have left are the unappetizing Mango and the simple, but elegant Vanilla Bean. I strongly recommend you try Vanilla Bean ice cream with a handful of teddy grahams thrown in. It was really a beautiful experience, friends!

Do you think I could market my new creation, coffee-teddy graham-vanilla bean? Cold Stone, anyone?

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