Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beauty School Dropout

As any mother knows, silence is golden. Except when it is too long of a silence and you're not sure where the kids are. So, last Thursday I was reading to the girls (ours, plus Ella) in the living room. Eva responsibly left to use the bathroom, all on her own. Way to go, Eva! BUT, after quite a while, I realized that she had not returned.

I call out, "Eva, what are you doing?"
She responds calmly and without hesitation, "Cutting my hair."
Me: "Eva, stop cutting your hair right now." (trying to hide the desperation in my voice.)
Eva, still very calm: "OK".

Well, if Eva is doing something naughty or that she knew she shouldn't do, she would typically respond in a little more defiant manner. So, I decided that this was a common childhood mistake...not worthy of any punishment.

With a baby in each arm, I walked into the bathroom to find this:

The hair stylist (very astute gal) later pointed out that Eva must be right handed, because the cutting went around her head, left to right, in precise, wide bands.

Poor Eva was itching terribly, so it was difficult to get a good picture. My response? I actually almost started crying. See, Eva's hair is not luxurious to start with. It grows slowly, isn't very thick, and she was practically bald until at least 18 months old! She had cradle cap until she was two, and I spent many hours scouring her scalp for evidence of crusties so that her hair would actually grow. Lately, she has had long enough hair (and patience) for a few fun, girlie styles. We've been experimenting with braids, ponytails, barrettes...but alas, we're back to the inverted bob. Eva didn't seem to mind, but she realized what she had done when she saw me welling up with tears. Silly me!

You can imagine the scene that followed. Eva had to bathe to get the itchy hair off, but of course she was shaken by the whole experience so she informed me that she wanted to be alone for the shower. When Daddy came home, she ran and hid, evidence that she had taken this mishap to heart more than I originally thought.

We managed to sandwich a trip to "Kid's Hair" in between dinner and small group that night. The stylist was very helpful, advising me against the "boy haircut" I had warned Eva about. She said that the really short spots would be hard to hide, so instead we opted for a cute inverted bob, with "swoop" bangs. Eva was extremely cooperative and well behaved during the procedure, so the adventure ended with a sticker and a sucker. What could be better? Here are some shots at the salon-

She does not appreciate having her picture taken, so the next few photos show the final product, but they're a little wacky-

Short hair fits her, wouldn't you say?


Beth and Dan said...

I think I would have cried too, but the end result is super cute!!!

stephaniepatenaude said...

that's hilarious. i remember when i cut my hair. it was pretty traumatic afterwards but i remember really enjoying watching the big brown curls plop into the sink. i like the new do.

Jessica said...

very funny...but i have to say that i love her hair really fits her cute little face!

ps. i see that my blog is not on your list :-)

Bekki said...

this is awesome! I can't wait to get to know you as a mommy through your blogs...just like I had to do with Nicole.

PS. My evil ex-stepmother once cut off all of my cute blonde curls and sent them to my mother in an envelope. That was traumatic. :)

The Little Bird said...

love the hair... perhaps traumatic, but cute. I think she kind of looks like mom a little bit- they now have the same hair cut. I think M&D said you cut your hair too... but I don't think I cut mine.