Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Hope!

Today is Hope's birthday...she is not feeling well (an average cold, settling nicely into her chest). At 5 am this morning, when Eric got up to get her a remedy, he sweetly looked at her and said, "And happy birthday, Hope". I guess she gets homeopathic remedies for her birthday present ;).
One year sure flies by, and I find myself thinking about this day last year. It was a great, fast-paced labor and delivery. Followed by a reasonable recovery, I cannot complain. I guess what I can't stop thinking about is Hope's name.

Last year this time, Eric and I were maneuvering through some rocky waters. We were struggling a lot, but over and over we felt the Holy Spirit telling us, individually and together, "There is hope." We believed it, too. Thank you Lord!

Around 36 weeks, we still didn't have a name for our little girl, then one night as I sat on the steps thinking deep thoughts, the Holy Spirit again spoke to me. This baby must be named Hope. I didn't tell Eric right away, knowing that he didn't like the name much. As we sat in the hospital a few weeks later, I was convinced that this precious bundle would be named Hope. Still, Eric was playing around with Leah or Claire...which one would it be?

Day two in the hospital, our dear pastor's wife called. She knew what we had been going through, and I guess she just wanted to check in. Except, she blurted out, "I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you this, but all morning I keep hearing in my head, "her name should be Hope". Well, that was the final straw, and Hope Elizabeth Patenaude was officially named.

The beautiful thing is, I do not go a single day without God using Hope's name to remind me of Him. There is Hope is God. Sometimes it is the gentle question, "What are you putting your hope in?" "Are you putting your hope in things besides Me?" God gave us our daughter's name as a monument of his faithfulness to us. And each and every day, He reminds me that we have hope.
We are thankful for you, Hope. Happy 1st Birthday!


Jen said...

Wow, great story, Becca! God is amazing, isn't He? How encouraging.

Jessica said...

HB Hope! Can't believe you're 1 already!
Becca, what a cool story about Hope's name...I've never heard it before, thanks for sharing!

ps. may I ask what your 'remedy' is for Hope? I think we all have the same thing...from Sunday germs?!

The Little Bird said...

Wow Becca,
That is amazing. I love how God names children, even Eva's middle name. Anyway. How awesome this blog is going to be if you really do put it into a book. It will be very cool for Hope to hear about her name and how the Lord was using her for His glory before she was born!
Happy birthday, Hope!