Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Eva's World

Yesterday morning Eva slept until 9:15! When she quietly appeared in the kitchen, the first words out of her mouth were precisely:

"I have a feeling it's going to be tricky obeying today."

Huh? My first words were, "Lets go talk on the couch."

Later in the car, she shared with me:

"Jesus isn't someone."

Me, "What is he?"

"He's a Savior."
"But I call him a Sav-noir. Or a Sav-emporium. And he laughs."

I bet Jesus thinks Eva's jokes are funny....


Jessica said...

oh Eva, you are one of a kind! :-)

Ehlan said...

Hi Becca! Eva sounds like a hoot! Your girls are just adorable. Thanks for the sling advice!

The Little Bird said...

if only all "tricky" days were like that- prepared the moment they wake up. :)

AKat said...

hey, becca!!!