Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ohio Vacation Days 4 and 5

Continuing on our journey, reliving last week's vacation, I present Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday was quite a day. We left mid-morning to drive to Northern Kentucky with the Creation Museum and Cincinnati as our destinations. As a science/math education major, Ryan loves the Creation Museum. Being that we believe in the intelligent design and the account of the book of Genesis, we were interested to see it too. It ended up being a nice museum and professionally put together, although truthfully it wasn't the highlight of our vacation. Still, we were glad to have seen it.

We crammed all seven of us into our minivan for the 2.5 hour drive, discovering along the way that our Air Conditioning had most certainly gone kaput. It was a hot day, and with all of us together in the car, and being pregnant, it wasn't the best ride ever. But, everybody kept a good attitude, even when Eva screamed, "my whole back is wet and my underwear too!" referring to our sweaty state of existence. Thor didn't much like being able to see his mother the whole time we were driving (she was in the way back with Hope and me), so he gave us a sampling from his vocal chords. Hope just kept trying to convince us, "I all done car seat, mommy." Anyway, we arrived no worse for the wear, and feeling a little more "bonded" as a family.

The museum consisted of several exhibits depicting the creation of the world, using lots of Bible references and confirming evidence from the scientific world. The girls enjoyed the wax displays of the Garden of Eden and Noah's Ark a lot, though the actual dinosaurs on display were a big highlight for Eva. I thought the planetarium was awesome. In addition to the museum, there was a huge garden and petting zoo outside, which we enjoyed too.

Originally, we planned to stay the night in Cincinnati and enjoy the old city on the Ohio River the next day. But through a series of mishaps, we ended up deciding to have dinner then drive back late to Canal W. We imagined that we could find some cool outdoor dining spot near the river, but alas, after an hour of scouring the city in our hot minivan on empty stomachs, we ended up in a hopping little section of down town. The food was good, and our high spirits were revived, despite the change of plans. After departing from downtown, in a stroke of pure genius, Eric and Ryan found the most delicious frozen yogurt I have ever tasted. Truly, if you find yourself in Cincinnati, you MUST try Yagoot Frozen Yogurt. Hot and sweaty, after tasting the mango yogurt with fresh raspberries, Stephanie proclaimed, "I feel like I just took a refreshing shower." Mmmmmmm. And then we drove back home, arriving late with sleepy babes. Pictures-

Wax Adam, enjoying paradise and some dinosaurs.
Hope looking up with awe at a dinosaur skeleton.
Eva is a little reserved at petting zoos, but Hope was all about giving this camel a big hug. For the record, Eva would tell you that she did pet the zebra!
Very tired little girl finally fell asleep in the dark planetarium. Yes!
Once we were settled at our patio dining experience, we all let off a little steam. The goofiness ensues-The girls and Thor sacked out in the car on the way back... so sweet!
Day 5??? I already blogged it up- check out our historical farm outing here.

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