Wednesday, December 23, 2009

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

A grey day and a brisk walk... A bundled boy... A secret, furry nuzzle... A snuggled sleepy-head..A brand-spankin'-new stroller...Ahhhhh.


Terri said...

I had to laugh at the bundling...we ate lunch on the patio today :).

Are you enjoying the new stroller? Looks pretty sweet!


The Mrs. said...

Thor is SO cute!
And, I want that stroller. :D

AKat said...

Becca, I'm catching up on posts after returning home from Christmas travels...THESE PICTURES!!!! Wowsers. They are beautiful, my favorites so far and there have been many! I loved "seeing" your grandparents and will comment on that soon, but the Neilster just fell back to sleep in my arms and I'm going to follow suit. :)