Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Frolics

It's cold and it snowed. Yay! I guarantee I will not be celebrating this sort of event in March, but we've had such a lovely prolonged fall that it feels like "finally." After all, what is December, the Christmas month, without a little white?

The snow has been l-a-z-y, falling for more than 24 hours with little more than a dusting. But since it is here at last, we'll forgive it's slow ways. Happy for me, after less than 15 minutes of zipping, snapping, Velcro-ing, and scarf tying the girls played peaceably outside for at least 20 minutes. That is a pretty good ratio of bundling up to time outdoors when you're working with a two and a four year old. Our new goal will be: better than 15:20 for the next outdoor adventure. I didn't venture off the front stoop, but I still managed to get some shots of cute snow bunnies!
The obligatory "you're finally all bundled up" photos.

Eating snow... when you're two, everything is perceived as a first time experience (what with no memories and all), so you try EVERYTHING!
I just love toddlers all cozied up in their snow gear. Hope could hardly walk and did fall flat on her face a few time. Darn those chunky boots and puffy pants!
The frolicking continued inside. Yes, they achieved this disaster all in one morning. I tell you, that floor was clear when they went to bed last night! Do you notice that Eva's sheets and mattress pad are even off?!? They were playing "travellers." That should tell you something about how we travel ;)!There's the little wrecking ball traveller herself, complete with purple headscarf over her face!


Jessica said...

cite must have found your camera :)

Jacque said...

You found your camera! Yea!

The Mrs. said...

Love it! I was chuckling the whole post!