Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas Bargain

You all know me to love a good deal! I'm thrifty, budget-minded, and always attempt to stay out of the stores that really drain my pocket book. But around the holidays, it is so hard to stay the course with a small budget!

Ever since we've had children, I've sent a picture greeting card around Christmastime. You know, since I don't send birth announcements I figure I've got to do something to let everyone know that our brood is ever-increasing! Last year I made a valiant effort at frugality by making photo postcards at Kinkos. We saved a lot of money in the cost of the cards, but the savings on postage was pretty great too. I'll admit, the quality of the card wasn't awesome though.

That's why I am psyched for this year's Christmas card! Thanks to Carrie over at Pocket Your Dollars, I found out about, where they have a couple of great coupon codes. Go to the site and make a 4x8 holiday card. Enter the promo code newbaby at checkout and you'll receive 50 cards for only the price of shipping ($3.19 for me). Good deal, eh?!? If you want more than 50 cards, you can make a separate order and enter the promo code photocard which will give you 25% off the order. They also have a deal on that site for 100 free prints to new users (I'm assuming that would have to be your first order ever, so do this before ordering your photo cards).

Although I almost tore my hair out when I first started creating my photocard, after I figured out how to use the site I really like Your photo cards can be almost completely customized, unlike the cards you might order from Wal-mart or Target. Use as many pictures as you want with a wide range of clip art, text, backgrounds, etc. I will probably use this site again, now that I've figured out the software!

I hear jingle bells jingling and coins jangling (in your pocket of course, after you've saved so much on your holiday cards)!!!

Happy card making :)!

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AKat said...

WOOHOO!!! Thanks for the tip, Becca! That's awesome. Your card from last year is hanging on the bulletin board in Neil's room. :) Could you facebook message or email me your address?!