Thursday, February 04, 2010

The 30 Day Shred

I am undergoing a life transformation. Instead of having a satisfactory body shape, despite my varying eating and/or exercising habits, I now have a "mom bod". Baby #3 has been breathing her own air for a full four months now, and I am still huffing and puffing as if I have double the blood volume. And there is no baby in my belly, but you might think there was... I'd be due in about four months, by the looks of it.

Apparently I don't have the luxury of eating whatever I want and exercising only for leisure anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm a devoted La Leche League nursing mom, so I will never truly cut calories while I'm nursing a babe. But, I am working out. Better yet, I'm mostly working out in the mornings before the girls get up, so I'm simultaneously working on my lazy morning habits and my sluggish abdominal wall. This could result in an actual-factual, real life transformation for me (you know, besides REAL life transformation like meeting Jesus). Anyway, it's been great. I'm surprised that after a little more than a week, I am already seeing my shape and my endurance improve. The beautiful thing about the 30 Day Shred video is that the workout only takes about 25 minutes. That is do-able, even with little ones underfoot (or blissfully sleeping in the early morning).

Another interesting thing about the 30 Day Shred is that Eva loves to do it too. Of course, her form and endurance are both terrible, but we're encouraging the enthusiasm. While I won't post a video of myself doing static lunges and bicep curls anytime soon, I do have this entertaining little clip of Eva doing push-ups and squats. In advance, please accept my profuse apology for the awful (AWFUL!!!) video taking job. And now, enjoy watching as Jillian Michaels teaches "prairie girl" a thing or two about hard work!


Luke and Jen said...

NICE. My favorite part is Eva being so serious about exercising. My second favorite part is you being the tough coach. My third favorite part is how you turn the video camera like Luke does :) Why is everyone doing this Shred thing?!

Jessica said...

Seriously Becca, a "mom bod"...whatever. You look great! But, I respect your discipline.
Also, good to know that this "Shred" thing can be done in a floor length gown :) Cute Eva!

The Mrs. said...

I love it. Way to go, Eva!
I'm gonna take up the Shred as well. I hear (and see) it's very successful at helping "mom bods" - which you don't have, and you don't look prego. So there. :)

rob said...

I have heard good things about shred! Way to go Becca! And Eva!

Love, Katie