Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today I am not Super Mom (I hope)

Today is an interesting day.

Hope is recovering from having the stomach flu, a variety that had her throwing up a lot, but for less than a full 24 hours. She has been vigorously playing all day, so she appears to be all better.

Eric is home from work because he is sharing Hope's virus, only from the other end.

Everyone (except Hope, since I didn't get to her fast enough) is LOVING my super intense probiotics. They really do seem to improve your gut feeling very quickly.

I am preparing foil fajitas for 12 men (don't worry, I'm washing my hands often!). Eric is going camping this weekend, and he promised the boys he'd bring dinner. I intend to make good on that promise, on his behalf.

We went to Mankato for the weekend to visit Eric's brother and family. It was fun and relaxing. They shared their stomach virus with us (no hard feelings though, DPs!!!).

Our house is a little bit messy. Or a lot messy. Correction: the kitchen is the only region that is not a complete disaster.

I am planning the preschool lesson for Thursday. We will be reading "The Big Green Pocketbook" and doing green activities.

In my searching for preschool activities, I landed on this homeschooling mom blog. Given the state of our home and variety of activities that I am juggling today, this post was very helpful. The title of it is Super Mom vs. Abiding Mom. Enough said, I think.

I know there are several moms who read my blog. I strongly suggest you head over and get a good reminder of what "Super Mom" really looks like.

Now, I am going to go be "Abiding Mom", and not "Computer Mom". :)

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Nedra said...

I'm SO sorry you got sick. We got away with only Hannah having it over here. Ethan was a little fatigued on Sunday and Monday, but nothing else...hopefully that's all for us (and you). Everybody feel better...