Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Celebration

We hosted a Valentine's Day party for Eva's friends again this year, and it was a blast! The girls are all one year older and a whole lot easier to keep up with.

Eva's friend Ella was the first to arrive, so we took a couple pictures of her with Eva and Hope.

After all the girls were there we took a few more pictures- before anyone had purple frosting staining their teeth and fingernails :). (L-R: Ella, Madalyn, Hope, Kara, Moriah, Eva) Everyone looked adorably dressed for the occasion.
Our first matter of business was to bead some candy necklaces. The girls sat very quietly and diligently beaded their necklaces. Although some of the little ladies had impressive and artistic patterns in mind, Eva's main goal was to beat everyone and have her necklace done first. After noting this, I commented, "Wow, you're really cruisin' Eva!" The other girls looked a little confused and asked me what "cruisin'" meant. I tried to explain it, then they continued stringing their sugary masterpieces. I noticed some of them accelerating the project, and a few minutes later Madalyn looked up at me and announced, "I'm really...(pause of concentration)... screwin'!" I looked blankly at her, then realized, "Do you mean CRUISIN'?" I asked. "Yeah, cruisin'!" That little dialogue gave something to smile about for the rest of the day...
After making their jewelery, the girls played together for a few minutes while I set up their heart themed snack. Heart cupcakes, cheese slices, jello, and berries were on the menu. To the girls credit, they all wanted seconds of the berries and they hardly finished their cupcakes. Good taste, girls!
I'm learning a few tricks for large living in small spaces. One of them is what we call "living room picnics". We often have adults squeeze around our tiny kitchen table and spread the kids out on the floor with a vinyl tablecloth to define their space. It works for us!

During snack time, I read the girls a clever story called Pinkalicious. In the story, a headstrong little girl turns her whole body red by eating too many pink cupcakes. The girls enjoyed the tale, and had some very interesting discussion about consequences, confessing sin, and obeying your parents. I found their conversation to be insightful, motivating, and all together entertaining!
Moriah and Kara.
Madalyn and Hope.
Up next we made a little craft. I found a little craft kit at Joann Fabrics with a bunch of ladybug magnets, enough to make 16 for less than $3.00. That was an easy, affordable, and cute plan, I thought. I wasn't really thinking then about the glue gun that I would have to use, but thankfully the girls were all very obedient and helpful and no one was scorched by the hot glue! Ella shows off her ladybug here.
As is often the case, Esther enjoyed the festivities from the safety of her Bumbo seat and while getting some Z's in our quiet bedroom. Of course, the girls wouldn't let her off the hook completely! After all the "big" girls applied their heart tattoos, Esther got one of her own. There has to be a first time for everything, and this was it for baby-tattoo-wearing. I thought it looked pretty cute next to her fat, little feet though! As you can see, she was completely nonpulsed by the whole event.

Thanks to all of Eva's friends for coming and sharing a fun morning with us. Lord willing, we'll do it again next year!

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