Monday, December 13, 2010

Blizzard Adendum

Well, we got a lot of snow over the weekend (around 20 inches at our house). As I mentioned, we stayed the weekend with our friends in nearby Minneapolis, only blocks from our friend Hannah. Dear Hannah had a humdinger of a weekend! While she was struggling against the weather, Aaron, Bethany, and I decided to walk 6 blocks to Walgreen's. Our walk was anything but ordinary, trudging through snow that was at times as high as our hips. Though the temperatures were frigid, all the hard work of walking kept us dripping with sweat! Anyway, as we walked, we repeatedly encountered people in sketchy situations trying to drive somewhere or just park their cars. On every block we had the opportunity to help dig out or push some body's vehicle. It was madness and chaos! So, I won't write out the whole long tale of our walk, but if you check out Hannah's story you'll get an idea what an afternoon stroll in blizzardy Minneapolis looks like. Thankfully, we had headed out "just for the fun of it" and weren't actually fighting with the storm or it's inconvenience!

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