Friday, December 03, 2010

I'm having CARDiac arrest!

So, there is a big fat awesome deal available to anyone out there with a blog. is offering 50 free holiday photo cards to any blogger who blogs about their amazing products. I have in fact used Shutterfly a few times to print photos, and I have been perfectly pleased with the quality, timeliness, and price. I would use them again! And now, because of this super deal, I will for sure be using them again. Here are some of the cards I'm considering...
because we just might get a great photo of each of the girls AND the whole family unit...
because we probably won't end up with a photo of all 5 of us that is worth sending out, but the girls are always cute...
because these two girls are so stinkin' cute it doesn't matter that a picture of us wouldn't have the same effect...because I love this font and the retro feel.

So, now you see some of the Christmas card options at Shutterfly, and actually there were 803 choices. You're sure to find something that fits your fancy.

I am also considering two other orders from Shutterfly this year. First, the photo calendars. I used to scrapbook these cute little calendars for my mom each Christmas. I think I had a solid run of three years in a row, which is pretty good for me! Then, last year I was bored with scrap booking. Also, I was busy. Also, I was uninspired. Also, it takes many steps to complete the whole thing. So, I gave my dad a calendar of vintage tractors instead (true story), which hangs on the wall in the sacred grandkids-calendar spot now. I am pretty sure that was a let down under the tree :). Perhaps it will be a Shutterfly calendar this year!

Second, the canvas wall art photos. Doesn't that sound like a cute way to decorate, especially a kid's room or a space that might get a lot of traffic??? No frame and glass to get bumped and fall to the floor and break (as happened in the girls' room last week), no deliberation over which frame and the time spent framing a photo. I like it.

Now, Shutterfly isn't paying me to jabber on about their great products, but they are offering 50 free photo cards. Pretty much worth it, I'd say! And like I said, I have been utterly satisfied with everything I've ordered in the past.

If you have a blog and would like to participate in this promotion, click here.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing it becca - i have been drooling over their christmas card photo things myself!

Kristie J

Jessica said...

hey becca...great family fave is the one of you all in the water :)
not to take the attention off of shutterfly, but if you go to, they offer photo calenders for free! only thing you need to pay for is a an upload fee for photos which is about $4 and shipping, but most of the time the shipping is free as well!! I do the "grandkid-photo-calendar-christmas-gift" too and this year i switched over to vistaprint. they are pretty good quality i'd say.