Friday, December 03, 2010

The Gumball Girls (and their parents)

I've wanted to post some photos that my sister took of our family last summer for a long time, but just haven't gotten around to it. Now that I'm actively thinking about Christmas cards again, I'm thinking of these pictures too. Hindsight is always 20/20 right? So, for the next time we take family photos, I am going to avoid the gumball effect (my sister calls these "my little pony" colors), and probably not allow the little bows (that was NOT my idea). In my golden years I'll cherish their little faces, no matter what color they were wearing!

That's why we called her "Pebbles" :).

Thanks Sis for taking these pictures and puting up with the Crazies! And you know they were crazy!!!


beki said...

These are SO FUN. I especially like the boat one with everybody (where your heads are kind of all diagonally lined up). Great job on these!

rob said...

GREAT pics Becca!!!!!!

Love, Katie

Anonymous said...

What great pictures!! If you switched Esther and Hope's colors, that would be my sisters and me in pics for about a five year span. R was always blue, E pink, me red or purple. Haha!!! Love it!!!! - Anna

Luke and Jen said...

1. I like the bows.
2. I'm so glad you took family pics-- believe it or not, I've often thought "The Patenaudes don't have any family pictures, what's up with that?"
3. My favorite - by far - is the one of you all standing in the water.
4. Great job, Erin!
5. Eric needs a gender-mate.
6. I have things to send to you in the mail, but it will probably be a while before I get my head above water and can gather them up. :)

Jessica said...

Great Pics Becca! My fave is the one of you all in the water!

PS. In your previous post you mentioned something about canvases...check out my blog for a sweet deal ;)

The Mrs. said...

Yeah, I agree with the bows, but they're little girls, so its really cute. I think its hilarious that they were on a rainbow raft. Truly, My Little Pony.
I loved taking them!

Laura Suel said...

You have three beautiful Girls!! (Like their mom)These are some great pictures of your family.

Anonymous said...

cute, Becca! You have such a precious family! Rebecca B. (Anna's sister) :)