Monday, December 08, 2008

Fluffy Snow + Sand Toys =

The hardworking builder

Trying her hand at artistic road construction

Chauffeuring the queen back to the castle

Additionally, fluffy snow + sand toys =

cold hands
and a rosy cheeked mama
who is happily avoiding this:
That pile stretches all the way around the box, past the furnace... can you tell we had a busy weekend?

PS) Since we were so hard at work building, Eva gave us pretend names. Construction worker names, she said. Mine? Freddie Mac. Hers? Fannie Mae.


Erin said...

what a hard working, political daughter you have. I'm impressed also with her driving ability in the snow.

Anonymous said...

Oh Becca you have the best life ever! That Eva is so smart. I hope you are prepared to be the mother of the next Madam President.
Becky W

Becca said...

don't get ahead of yourself here... today I asked Eva what F & F Mac were, and she has no idea. Just names she heard on the radio. I'm sure Condeleza Rice could've given a lot more info about economic instutions at 3 than Eva :).