Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

Hope is solidly in what I call the "Dump and Fill" stage. Child development experts might use a particular phrase to describe this phase, but in my limited experience of 1 year olds, -dump and fill- fits perfectly. Opening drawers, doors, containers. Emptying drawers, shelves, containers. Filling drawers, doors, and containers back up again. This is Hope's current passion in life.

On an unrelated note, most every child who crosses our threshold discovers our home's greatest amenity: the laundry chute (the laundry chute would lose that title to a dishwasher, if we had one). I have found every imaginable object in the laundry basket under the chute...

In my only act of sheer brilliance this week, I've combined Hope's passion for "dump and fill" with a little housework. Here she is, with great determination, helping me unload our suitcase of dirty laundry from the holiday weekend. She is very pleased with herself when she has managed to "disappear" a big pile of clothes!

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Heidi said...

Becca, I love these pics of Hope; they are so cute! Maybe Hope can teach Novia how to help with the laundry. I tried to convince her to help me fill laundry bags to take to Gramma's, but she was not so inclined. Maybe it will be different in our new house... we will then have a laundry shute. =)