Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Snow Day on the Prairie

The appearance of Patenaude family faces could be described using any of the following adjectives: frumpy, dumpy, pasty, pale, washed out, sallow, colorless, whitish, fair, ashen, pathetic, faint, anemic, limp. I won't even bring up the adjectives used to describe the other parts of our bodies (at least the adult's bodies...)!

No, it's not really that bad around here. But winter takes it's toll on our overall vitality, and I'm feelin' it today! I recently noticed that the only color on Hope's face was due to her wind-burned cheeks. And Eva's eyes have darkish circles under them, apparently a permanent winter fixture.

Today we were playing yet another imaginary game of Little House on the Prairie. Laura (aka Eva) started to head out the front door to school while Carrie (aka Hope) snuggled with Jack (aka fluffy stuffed dog) and Mary (aka Ella) sucked down her bottle of formula. By the way, did they have infant formula in the 1880's??? Anyway, it occurred to me that the day was gorgeous and bright outside, albeit a little windy. A perfect day to get some sun! I suggested to Laura that she actually put on the many layers of required winter apparel and get some exercise. To my surprise, she accepted the offer. So after 15 minutes of rounding up the appropriately sized winter gear, readjusting all the buckles and Velcro for this winter, and discussing the playing-outside-alone rules, she was off. Slamming the door behind her, she yelled, "Bye Pa (aka me)!"

A wonderful thing about 3.5 year olds, is that they actually have some memories. For example, Eva needed no reminder about snow angels, or shovels, or eating (clean) snow. She played happily for a half hour or more, her face soaking up all that beautiful sunshine!


Erin said...

Becca! Eva looks just like you did when you were 3! Ok, not that I'd know, but if you look at some of M&D's pictures, you two look the same!
I love the little house thing.

Jenni said...

I was thinking how much she looked like you too! Nice job getting your kiddos out there shoveling snow...its never too early to recruit slave labor, er, um, I mean helping hands!

AKat said...

Becca! I thought the same thing! That second to last picture is a little you!!!