Saturday, January 17, 2009

85 Degrees and Humid

It has been widely broad casted by my husband that I love the Summer. True indeed! However, when Eric is announcing my delight in all things hot, humid, sunny and steamy, he is the spin doctor. We both know, what he isn't announcing is that I hate the Winter. Don't get me wrong- I love winter sports. But let's be honest, during the long, cold winter, we spend a very small percentage of time doing wintry activities. At this time of year, I am just starting to think about the next few COLD months, but I guarantee by the middle of February I will be huddled under a down blanket on the couch paging through seed and bulb catalogs, imagining new green life again. I do it every year.
This predisposition must be genetic because this week, out of nowhere, Eva has started to fantasize about summer. She talks about summer all the time. She has worn her swimsuit (even under her snow pants and coat) most days this week, replacing her usual warm double undies plan. She pines for swimming, tree forts, walking to the park. She is planning every minute of the summer of 2009, now realizing that you can't take a single ray of warm sun for granted. She got me going too, and together we hatched a plan to go to a water park this weekend. So today, we travelled to the northern reaches of the Twin Cities to Tropics Water Park.
It was hot and steamy inside, and the place was jammin' with kids and grown-ups alike. We sort of felt cheated because today was a spring-like 15 degrees outside and we didn't get the experience the extreme temperature contrast. Also deflating was the fact that a person can still get chilled in a heated swimming pool. With purple lips and goosebumps, we were all a little disappointed that we wouldn't be nursing sunburns tonight. BUT, it was still fun to get out and do something different. The girls had so much fun, in fact, that they were sound asleep by 5:45 tonight. Eva went to bed with a headache and a slight fever... as if maybe she got sun stroke. Maybe not this time :).

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Erin said...

Oh! That makes me want to go swimming and sit in a hot tub. But alas, I won't be doing any hot tubbing until August.
I love water parks!!