Saturday, January 03, 2009

Crookston Christmas, I

There will be several installments of Christmas, just too much to put into one post! Here's the general overview though.

Christmas 2008 by numbers:
5 days
10 adults
9 grandchildren
2 cats
3 dogs
4 bedrooms
2 toilettes
1 shower
3 minivans
1 cool Honda Element
1 old lady's car (wink, wink)
63 gifts under Grandma's tree
3 pews at church
40 chicken breasts pounded
4 stomach flu victims
3 (unconfirmed) hepatitis A sufferers
6 varieties of Christmas cookies
3 brand new Barbie dolls
2 new playdoh sets
2 American Girls stuffed pets
1 Webkinz Whale
4 new cookbooks
7 new pairs of socks
5 trips to Wal-Mart
1 game of pinochle
1 game of spades
3 games of Settlers of Catan
1 afternoon of sledding
2 pretty gingerbread houses
3 unfinished pinatas (maybe at Easter???)
4 sleepovers with cousins
3 delicious varieties of foul eaten at the farm
2 late night pizzas from Happy Joe's
0 games of Carcassone
2 handcrafted mango margaritas after an especially trying bedtime routine
32 cups of homemade Chex-mix consumed
2 big tables at the Northland for Sunday lunch

with Grandma in town

And some things were innumerable:
hours logged in the rocking chair with Baby Thor
unsuccessful attempts by Sarah (6 y.o.) to reconcile feline and canine cousins
conversations about the probability of spreading stomach flu and/or hepatitis A
gingersnaps eaten
bottles of Mountain Dew guzzled
games of cribbage
Eva's tears over Katelyn's playdoh gift being "better" than her playdoh gift
calculations to determine payment for split receipts
flying leaps from the fifth stair to the pile of pillows on the floor
tearful night wakings for Hope
much needed adult naps
Mario Kart Wii races
Wii World of Goo games
temperature readings below 0
opportunities to shovel snow
trips through the woods being pulled behind the snowmobile
late bedtimes
lazy mornings
pictures snapped
intense conversations
laughter shared
hearts revealed
hugs and kisses given
words of praise for our Father's faithfulness over the past year

With Grandpa at the farm


Nedra said...

That about says it all:o)

Erin said...

Wow! Thats one intense Christmas!