Friday, February 06, 2009

#5 , Check.

Remember this? Some of you downright guffawed at your computer screens I'm sure. At least those of you who really know me did, since you know full well that I am well organized only in pressing situations and I ALWAYS bite off more than I can chew. But, this year will be different, I think. And in any case, we know that God's plan is the best plan for me: including what I will and what I won't accomplish.

Anyway, I plan on checking in here now and then to record progress (I'm not sure I'll always be able to call it that though!). Today: the New Year's resolution, "Laundry!!!" Eric's #1 complaint about my homemaking habits was the frequent pile of clean laundry in the basement. We usually had clean clothes to wear (if they weren't fatally wrinkled), but it was a eyesore in Eric's "man-cave" and he wanted to find clean clothes in the dressers (really, what expectations!!! wink, wink).

So, with great jubilation, I report that the clean laundry pile has been MIA for at least two weeks now! Yes, it really does motivate me to take that laundry upstairs. There it is, staring at me from the couch, saying, "I know you hate a cluttered living room, now do something about it!" And, since there are only one or two loads at a time, I can easily fold and stack between fairytale reading and diaper changing. Hope (aka mangy muchacha #2) has fully earned the nickname "laundry tornado," making it imperative that folded laundry is quickly moved out of her reach and into the dressers.

In contrast, Eva has become laundry stasher extraordinaire. Perhaps the sight of the laundry pile bothers her too, because the second her stuff is folded, she whisks it away to her dresser. Or maybe it is her selfish desire that Hope touch NOTHING of hers. Either way, it is very, very nice.

On a downside, we aren't getting quite as much exercise travelling up and down the stairs to fetch our clean laundry. You can't win 'em all, right?

The sequel to this accomplishment will be coming soon: I intend to start making my own laundry soap. If it turns out to be as cool as I think it will, I'll be pressuring you to jump on board too!


Erin said...

already on the liquid homeade laundry soap boat, becs! I'd love to make it with you!!!
ps- Can we see a picture of mangy muchacha #2??

Sara said...

I attempted to make my own laundry soap after reading about the cost benefits of it but got hung up because I couldn't find washing soda anywhere. I have had the other supplies sitting on my shelf for over a year. If you find it, let me know.

Erin said...

becs, go to this website- great hand soap recipe