Monday, February 09, 2009

A new phase of mothering...

Look at that sweet girl! She is obeying her mom by busily loading up the many playthings that have accumulated in the kitchen throughout the morning. It is almost time for afternoon naps when all toys must be put away, so she takes several trips to and from her bedroom delivering baby dolls, doll clothes, blankets, dress up clothes, play jewelery, and pretend baby bottles to their assigned homes. Do you see her cheerful smile? Can you sense the joy that must pound within her mother's heart? The whole house must be permeated with peace and a sense of goodwill!

*********Enter little sister**********************

The often friendly little sister identifies baby doll riding in the grocery cart as her own precious possession. This realization prompts a response of tightly grasping the grocery cart, pulling with the strength of a mama bear, and screaming like a vulture descending on it's prey. Suddenly, blue satin wizard robe puffs with air as arms flail. Shoestring-less, pink Converse tennis pound bare floors, and the older sister too, screams as though her very life depended on it. Teeth are gritted, fingers clenched, stamping feet pound invisible pine needles. This is a primal battle, uncivilized and dangerous. The onlookers gaping mouths hang open, half expecting a chiseled slate arrow to come whizzing by their heads.

The escalating conflict ends when the mother finds her voice and shrieks, "Stop it, both of you!" Depart above mentioned joy, peace, and goodwill. Enter quiet, except for leftover whimpers of once cheery older sister. All are left with feelings of dissatisfaction and longing.

Begin new stage of mothering... sibling conflicts... sibling rivalry... new questions gather in this mother's head. Send me advice, you other mothers!


Erin said...

have you thought of writing a book? seriously, that was hilarious- if maybe a little woe-some.

rob said...

I am surprised it just started now. Peter is already really into Faith's things and it really "bothers" her. He is 8 months old! You would hear a lot of "stop fighting, just stop the fighting" at our house. We have made progress through grace...Isaiah has become an excellent sharer. Now we are working on kid at a time:)

Sara said...

I'd offer you some good Godly advice but my kids never argue. :):):) J/K