Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

Stay tuned for a "real" pregnancy update tomorrow after my midwife appointment, at which point I will reveal the truth: preeclampsia or no? Yeah, I've had an untidy collection of symptoms over the past few days that are making me a little nervous. Ah well, I'm leaning on past history to indicate that I am just swelling like a balloon in the waning hours of this pregnancy and all is well.

Meanwhile, I present some pictures. Months ago now, I threw a baby shower for my little sister who was having her first child. Well, baby Levi arrived three weeks ago, and I still haven't posted any pics from the shower. The main glitch was that my camera battery died, so there just aren't very many pictures. But, I did coax my dad into taking a few shots. And he finally sent them over the wires. So, without further ado-
My sister Erin (exactly 38 weeks) and myself (exactly 32 weeks)
Erin (38 wks.), me (32 wks.), and our cousin Emily (28 weeks)
Erin, me, Emily, and uhhhh, my dad (not pregnant, just proud of a little "sympathy" weight). We sure love you, Dad. You're one fun dude!


rob said...

eden means pleasure I think. I think it is a cool name.

How was your appointment?


Erin said...

can my local dairy downsize please? :) I'm so grateful all that weight is taken a vacation!