Thursday, September 03, 2009

Welcome Levi Justice!

After 9 long months and a few extra days, we finally got to welcome the first cousin on my side of the family! My sister labored for 18 hours, then "popped" the little guy out. Though I'm sure she'll do this again some day, she wasn't really impressed with the process that got her to the "popping" out point. However, I am sure that she is totally impressed and in love with her little man!
Levi Justice
Born September 2, 2009
7 pounds, 8 ounces - 21 inches
Eva's looking the little guy over :).
The happy little family.
We think he looks like a Selin, but of course only time will tell!
Happy Mama.
I really, really wish I could get this photo to turn horizontal! This close up of Levi's hands just blew me away. How quintessentially newborn! Wrinkly, red, peely... fresh to the outside world! I also think they look strangely like they could belong on an old woman (odd how the circle of life flows...) - wrinkly, but with long perfectly formed fingernails.

Ahhhh, the miracle of life! We can't wait to watch you grow, little boy!

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