Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tea Time

We spent much of the last week in Crookston, visiting with Eric's family and relaxing. This post all started with the playful jest from his mom, "I think this is cute enough for a blog entry!" Sure enough, it was... A few days before we left town, this invitation came addressed to Eva and Hope. Eva immediately began assessing which dress was her "nicest," put it in her suitcase, and the countdown began. She doesn't quite have her pinky finger in the air, but that look says, "Tea and crumpets, anyone?" in a most uppity tone of voice!
The ladies snacked (although it looked a little like gorging to me) on blackberries, powdered doughnuts, butter cookies, and mini banana muffins. A greater number of "treats" than they've ever had in one sitting before (at least for Elysa and Katelyn)! They used the prettiest little porcelain tea set, each plate and cup painted with delicate pink roses.
Grandma started the morning by taking the girls into a bedroom and giving each a fancy hat to wear. She also gave them pretty little necklaces, wrapped in tissue paper at each of their places. Don't you love Katelyn's teasing look and her red hat?

Hope gets a lot of exposure in this post, but I couldn't resist the next series of shots.Eva's smile says, "aren't we all grown up and beautiful, mom?" She had her very best manners on display that morning with lots of , "May I please have some more...., Grandma?"

Grandma was dressed in girlish finery herself and used her best tea-pouring skills. Elysa was by far the oldest of the cousins present that day, but as always, was a great sport about spending time with the "little" girls. After all, she said it was the first tea party she had attended!
Of course it is nearly impossible to get a great shot of little more than one little person at a time, so I was disappointed that I didn't get a really good picture of all the little girls together with Grandma. Here they are after tea time had concluded on Grandma's front steps. Thanks for the special memory, Grandma. I know the girls loved it!


AKat said...

Sweetest (literally!) post ever. The pictures are precious! I love how you framed your subjects and showed off those big, floppy hats.

Hey, is Eva pronounced E-va or A-va? I've been saying E-va all these years, but then I got to thinking and realized it could be the old fashioned (and my preferred) spelling of Eva with the a sound.

And I'll let you know if that Nosefrida works!!! If so, I can get you one here in OK for your baby present! If you were really interested in it, that is! :)

Anonymous said...

so. stinkin. cute. Love the expression on Hope's face :) How sweet of your mil to plan such a fun girl time!


Sarah said...

That is just so precious! Such a nice memory for everyone!

Dana said...

Gotta love my nieces (and mom) :)

Erin said...

I think that is adorable! I have a book on tea and tea parties (perhaps a little hobby of mine) and one thing she mentions is about having tea with her grandkids and dolls etc. So awesome that gma p. does that too!