Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1, doo, 3...

The girls are obsessed with counting. Yes, BOTH girls are really getting into it! Eva likes to count everything- her bites at dinner, her fingers and toes, puzzle pieces, popcorn kernels, cars on the street, etc. Although I have no frame of reference, I tell her she is a good counter too... except she always skips sixteen. Trying to work on that.

Hope enjoys counting too. It seems that the second child learns a lot of "second-hand" knowledge, probably through osmosis. Whenever Eva starts to count anything, Hope listens to "One..." then jumps in, eagerly grinning, with "Dooo!"

Fun little ladies, they are.

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Alicia O. & the gang said...

That is too funny about skipping 16...Lilly has always had an issue with 6 and sixteen. Not really sure why....finn's issue is 8....funny! And yes Finn has learned a lot from lilly doing her thing...and now sylvi is catching on too. BEfore I know it Pearl will be singing her ABC's as well!