Monday, November 03, 2008

Fall Fest 2008

I've forgotten to post about the grand costume party we attended a few weeks ago. The theme- Pirates of the Caribbean. It was so fun to dress up, and of course it was a delight to share a fun evening with friends. The evening included a game of touch football in which Eric ruined my white thigh-highs that he was wearing, but caught a spectacular touch down. We went on to eat Bethany's delicious chili (3 different kinds), make caramel apples, beat the tarrrrr (ha ha) out of a pirate ship pinata, take lots of pictures of costume splendor, make many pirate jokes, and enjoy lots of laughter and friendly-ness. We left too early for the apple crisp and outside fire, but I bet that was awesome too! Here is the cast from Peter Pan...I don't know why Tinkerbell insisted on placing fairy dust up her nose!

You can't see them in this picture, but my very green tights are recorded over here...

Our fabulous hosts, Aaron holding Hazel, and Bethany

Most of the lady pirates and Peter Pan. By the way, the pirate dog is a real dog! (L-R: Hannah, me, Leah L., Bethany, Leah S.)

At age 3, Eva was the oldest child, and the only child still awake when the pinata festivities began. She got to whack it quite a few times with the trusty tennis racket before the goodies spilled out. Her eyes were as big as saucers as the pinata was revealed for it's true identity: Vessel of CANDY!

The onlookers admire the pinata. I admire Anna's socks!

We dragged Eric's mom along...doesn't she look great as a pirate?!? And Vance, you are a very scary pirate! Vance told my favorite pirate joke of the night. Q: What is a pirates favorite element on the periodic table? Read on for the answer...

Jason, the engineer, stumped by a baby toy :)?

Kristie managed to stop by for awhile too.

Such a handsome Captain Hook. Don't you just want to kiss him?

Alrighty mates, the answer is: ARRRRGON! I'm off to make some arrrrrabiata sauce, so Arrrrdios.


Erin said...

ya did well, Sissy. I like how the dress made a perfect pp costume!

Jessica said...

i'm wondering where peter pan fits in with the "pirate" theme?

Becca said...

Well...Eva called the shots on this one. She really wanted to go as a princess...we finally suggested tinkerbell, then reasoned that tinkerbell could have the rest of teh cast with her. Yea, peter pan was a stretch...but I've always needed an excuse to buy kelly green tights :)!