Saturday, November 22, 2008

Growing Gratefulness

The Thanksgiving Tree is really blooming lately. As always, we've had a constant stream of visitors through the door, and they've left their mark in the form of construction paper leaves. Eva and I usually think of something to put up as we're eating our breakfast in the morning, and she always asks, "Daddy, what are you thankful for today?" over dinner in the evening. This has been a delightful opportunity to praise God and keep our gratitude-attitudes rightly adjusted. Props to my Aunt Nancy who had this idea long before I did...

So, here's our inventory of thankfulness (though I'm sure we can all think of many more entries...):

My home
A black president
Aaron & Bethany
Little House on the Prairie
my compassionate husband
Bonnie & Donnie
A good Dr. visit, ultrasound, and seeing our Boy
Darlings son in Bethany's womb
My smokin' hot wife Becca (I'm blushing...)
going on dates
A new laptop for work!
pumpkin pie
that I came to Julia's house
Snow is so fun! God healed Gracie
brisk temps and frosty snowflakes
A stable job in a great company
Having Aaron, Bethany, and Hazel over
My Little Pony movie
Coors lite
crock pot meals
The 3 prettiest girls in the world (blushing more...)
Russell and Vaunder
nursing babies
The Princess and the Pea (a great story!)
Spending time with Daddy
Old friends
Visiting family for the holidays
Baby Thor
Promise of Heaven
Playing downstairs at Julia's house
Becca's servant heart (you're all so kind...)
I'm thankful for spending time with daddy today
A warm house
God's word relatives who come to stay with us
Thankful for an awesome family and very pretty smells like the lily
Eric's Biblical leadership
LHOTP (I just learned what that stands for!)
Christ our Savior
double stroller
having pictures taken
I like spending time with Daddy when he's home
my baby sister Hope
my puppy is thankful for me!
getting to watch a movie
fellowship with other believers
fresh produce for free
going for walks
Lazy Saturdays


AKat said...

LOVE IT!!! You have me laughing and crying (again, it's the hormones...) And, Becca? Am I reading this correctly...'a good doctors visit and seeing our boy'???

Becca said...

Hmmm, no baby boy in my tummy. That was put up by a friend who is growing a baby boy.

Not long 'til we'll know about your baby, huh?!?

Erin said...

i love the tree.
I'm thankful for my wonderful husband!

Charley Bumpkin said...

that is so sweet! what a precious tradition! happy thanksgiving to y'all!