Monday, November 24, 2008

Feeling Wacky

Seems like a lot of things are out of whack today...

  • My brother in law, Jon, is in the hospital after experiencing a ruptured appendix yesterday. Thankfully they got him to the ER within a few hours of the rupture, so the damage was not as bad as it could've been. He is recovering comfortably after 3 hours of surgery, but sadly he won't be able to taste even a tidbit of Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house (if they decide to come after all of this...). Pray for a fast recovery for Jon so he can get back to feeling himself and back to work. He used up all his PTO for their honeymoon last summer! Even though he's not my husband, he's still on my mind today.
  • I have a cold, complete with dripping nose and watery eyes. But, its only a cold, after all.
  • Hope handled the cold (thanks for sharing with me, girly) she just got over well, but came out of it with some messed up sleep habits. I am not pleased with the lack of sleep around here.
  • Speaking of sleep, Eric slept in the guest room last night, and Eva slept with me in our bed. She coughed in my face most of the night, fighting the cold Eva style. Which also contributed to my lack of sleep.
  • Ella is not here today, on account of the cold. Even that feels out of whack!
  • This is a funky week because of Thanksgiving, leaving me paralyzed over which pieces of housework to do or not do. Oh, and packing...we'll be gone for four days. That is just wacky!


Update on Eva's cold: "Mom, whenever I breathe, snot comes out." I said, "That's gross, Eva." Then I offered to help her blow her nose. But alas, a three year old must do everything by herself. Including wiping snot disguised as egg white all over her face in an attempt to blow her own nose. I repeat, "That's gross, Eva."


Erin said...

Thanks, Becca. And, Eva's comment plus your's is a good dose of laughter for a sleep-recovering wife.

rob said...

praying for you!


Anonymous said...

ugh...I'm not feeling too hot myself. I will be thankful today that I only have my one sick self to take care of! Have a good thanksgiving :)