Sunday, November 02, 2008

For everyone who is already overwhelmed by Christmas

The first time I ever read a blog, it was written by my childhood friend, A. She and I met at family camp back in the '80's, and though she was from Texas and I was from Colorado and then Nebraska and then Minnesota, we maintained a precious friendship. We saw each other for one or two weeks each summer, and we spent one or two (sorry A! my memory is horrible) Christmas vacations together. I'm not certain the last time I saw her face to face, but I think it was in 10th grade. We sort of lost touch for awhile until somehow she got my address and sent me an invitation to her wedding. If my record keeping is correct, we were married on the exact same day six years ago. Approximately two years ago, enter FACEBOOK! Sure enough, the online "social utility" improved my social life and connected me with a long lost friend. I should have known that I would get hooked on her blog...her letters to me as a child were interesting, clever, full of detail. Her talent as a writer just may have been developed through our pen pal relationship...or maybe I'm giving myself too much credit:).

A is awesome! I surely hope I will get another face to face meeting with her in this life. Maybe I'll get to meet her little one, who is set to arrive this spring! Although I don't know tons about A's present day life, I know that she is super organized and resourceful. Here is how her organization and resourcefulness enriched my life today. If you are an earthling, you will most definitely be affected by a certain season that is coming our way. If you're like me, you might be tempted to hide under the bed as soon as you even think about the holiday frenzy (except, Ahh! there's wrapping paper under the bed! Find a different place to hide...). Don't become a hermit, just check it out!


AKat said...

Becca! That made my day!!! You are the best. I, too, hope we see each other face to face sooner than later. Love you, girl!

Charley Bumpkin said...

That's so sweet, Becca. I enjoy reading your blog -- you're a great writer and your children are just precious.