Friday, October 31, 2008

Glorious Autumn

I love autumn, and this year we are having one of the most spectacular on record. I've just used "autumn" twice, and I am officially going to use "fall" hereafter. I only tried out "autumn" because my friends tell me it is a more beautiful word, it holds more literary opportunity, but it just doesn't roll of my tongue right.

Today is a beautiful last day of October. The temps are probably in the mid '50's, sun is shining, the light has a shady, filtered quality. And the sun, even at it's peak, is in the southern quadrant of the sky. A sure sign that the Argentine Pampa is growing bountiful fields of wheat and corn. Meanwhile, we take our turn at cool weather, and the dry air tells me that Old Man Winter has just about arrived. I treasure fall, and I won't entertain a sour attitude towards it just because it is the season that ushers in winter. Lord willing, I'll have a positive spin on winter this year as well :).

We had some friends over today to play. Heidi and Novia (Hope and Novia shared the same due-date last fall) came, bringing with them our friend N'Korey who is a good playmate for Eva. N'Korey is a bundle of energy, and with the fantastic-but-sure-won't-last-long weather outside, we opted for playing in the yard. Lots of leaves to throw and just enough sun to keep our chilly fingers content. The one year olds crawled around in the dirt and leaves, and tried to make a few little person-powered vehicles GO. They only succeeded in going backwards, but there were many shrieks of delight. N'Korey and Eva roll played a troubled marriage most of the time, with a few breaks to play mister (and Mrs.) fix-it on top of the roof of the play house. Eva pouts well, and N'Korey tries to logically address the problem until he gives up and stomps off. It was an insightful demonstration, really. I sure hope they learned it from TV :). All in all, it was a fun morning, and in reality, N'Korey and Eva displayed many commendable character traits as well (which I'm sure they learned at home, right? :)

I took a lot of pictures this month, as the colors were more dramatic than I remember in the past. I love the fall flowers, the produce in the gardens, the leaves as they change. Here are a few from October 1st, and few from today, a progression of autumn. Our yard ablaze with color (getting a little sickening, aren't I?) It's like time lapse photography...only not really.

October 1st

October 31st

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AKat said...

I can't believe it's already November! I like that you took pictures on the 1st and 31st. It's amazing how much changes in such a short time! Hope you're doing great!