Friday, June 05, 2009

22 Week Update

I have been regrettably unfaithful about posting pregnancy pictures and updates, but we're still here, still growing!

I am fantastically pleased with the second trimester... sufficient energy, feeling the baby kick around, lack of aches and pains, and of course no nausea.

I had an appointment a few weeks ago at 20 weeks, and everything looked normal. The midwife explained that the placenta is sitting in the front this time, and sometimes that can make it more difficult to feel the baby move. I had suspected this, as the baby's movements had been almost imperceptible to me, except when I was laying very still. With this pregnancy I find myself so busy and easily distracted that I rarely feel the baby move unless I am completely at rest anyway. Boy, I can't imagine what future pregnancies might be like- they'll be over in a flash, and I won't even have time to notice that I'm pregnant (for better or worse :)!

The happiest news at the appointment was about my weight gain. With each of the other girls, I gained at least a pound a week starting before I even knew I was pregnant! With Eva, I topped off around 48 lbs. at least. With Hope, my final weight was only a few pounds lighter. Oye! This time, however, I weighed in at 12 lbs. at 20 weeks- about half as much weight as the other girls! Perhaps I'll make up for it all in the third trimester, but for now I am very pleased with the slow start in the weight gain area. I'm pretty sure my post-partum self will be grateful too, and maybe baby girl #3 will be the smallest yet (I can dream, right?!?).

Here's a recent photo, and in the name of authenticity and "real" cyber-living I did not change into more attractive clothing. This is my Friday night ensemble :). And that is our Friday night living room which I might pick up before retiring for the evening.


rob said...

Looking GREAT!!!!!


Erin said...

haha, such a messy living room, becca! gosh! kidding. it's clean to me. :) You look great!!!

AKat said...

You are the cutest!!!