Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4 Generational Camping

Pics to share, pics to share, each to their own, we all have our flair-

-Can you tell I've been reading a little too much Dr. Seuss lately? Along with the constant rhyming riddles I've been forced to invent, I'm not sure I'll be able to write this post without a little rhythm.- (consider yourself forewarned, and feel free to click the 'back' button now :)

We camped at Father Hennepin State Park, three tents, and G&G in their camper van. The main attraction was Lake Mille lacs, a real doozy of a Minnesota lake! The pics follow, in no particular order-

We all slept through the night, but come daylight the littlest was out of sight.
Bites from mosquitoes cause Eva some grief, but Grandma Spears will cure it with a flat green leaf. (Wild Plantain, in case you'll complain)
Quesadillas with veggies may cause some to get wedgies, but cooking over the fire makes all perspire.
Hope is afloat with Grandma in the boat.
Eva's dearest wish: to catch a big fish!
These beach bums are never done- content all day to soak up the sun.
Eva's hands were crawlin', and Auntie was bawlin'!18 baby loons, and the Great-Grandma swoons.They're biology nerds, and they sure love their birds!Ready for fun galore, Eric pushes us off shore.Great Grandparents are brave to ride this wave.Mama's turn for a ride, babies by her side.Hope lets out a snore, missing the variety to be seen on shore.The whole gang finds gain in a shelter from the rain.And now my story is told, and my fingers are cold. My brain has gone numb, as the late hour makes me dumb. Three cheers for outings with all sorts of stages, we hope we can do this for many coming ages. If not, we'll feel blessed for this one weekend of rest with our loved ones by our side taking in the tide, watching the little ones dockside, happy to abide. The End.


Ryan Patenaude said...

You may have missed your calling.

Erin said...

I'll give you a 10 for creativity. It's so true...Dr. Seuss can be an extreme habit forming form of literature. :)

Liz and Paul Holton said...

I LOVED this post with the ryhming story. :) I also was so happy to see the pictures of your Grandma and Grandpa Knudson. Seeing that picture of your grandma reading from that bird book brought back memories of those special flower walks she used to take us on!
Thanks for leaving that comment about my Vail pictures by the way. I had no idea y'all used to live there when you were little before y'all moved to Minnesota. That place is gorgeous! Did you learn how to ski on those slopes?! I am amazed at people who can ski...it's hard to do! I've only skied once in my life on a bunny slope. :)