Thursday, June 04, 2009

Best Garage Sale Find

We went to several garage sales today, and there were many bargains to be had. At one sale I bought a bushel basket of clothespins, including many antique ones. That is a lot of clothespins, folks!

At another sale I snagged a double Maclaren stroller in great shape for only $35! I haven't decided if that will be a keeper or a re-sell on ebay.

The best score of the day, however, is Eva's newest sweater. At first I overlooked it, but then I returned to it again when I thought of our friends' (annual?) Ugly Sweater Party. This would be the perfect specimen for such an outing.As soon as I asked for a picture, Eva posed like a store mannequin... except she needed a hand to actually stand up!
Hope adores this sweater too. She has had a lot of fun practicing her shapes and counting the pom-poms. Don't you wish you had a sweater that was this ugly?!?


Erin said...

you found time to blog! yay! this sweater ranks right up there with the lot of 'em...super ugly, but fun!

AKat said...

Wow. What a sweater! Becca, your girls are gorgeous. I honestly didn't even see the sweater at first because of their beautiful little faces. But, yes, ugly sweater indeed! What a steal on the Maclaran!!!