Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Filling in the Gaps

I didn't do much blogging in April and May, but there were many things that I wanted to record. Since my goal is to use a blog like a journal/scrapbook/baby book, it wouldn't be cool to just slack off forever and never make up for it, right? So, sit back and prepare for an onslaught of miscellaneous pics designed to capture the tidbits and minor details of life!

We celebrated my Grandma's birthday (Dad's mom) one weekend at the end of April. Eva never misses an opportunity to help blow out some one's candles, with her great-grandma no less!


On a different note, the girls just can't get enough of what they've coined, "The Shaky Dance." As soon as Eric arrives home from work each evening, the girls beg for the Shaky Dance, in which Eric sings a little ditty that goes something like, "Shaky Dance, Shaky Dance, we're gonna do the Shaky Dance..." while he does a bouncy little jig, complete with super high knees. The act usually ends with a little lady tossed into the couch cushions. I've been unsuccessful at capturing this on video, but I should keep trying. You all need to see with your own eyes how committed this Daddy is to making his girls giggle!

We've done a lot of bat swinging over the past month- correction: We've done a lot of pitching. I don't think I've swung the bat once. Here's the intense little ball player.


Remember those strange food-safe markers that Eva received as a birthday gift? Here she is exercising her creativity. The green lips are proof that she's really letting her inner artist out :)!


Our church meets in a school building, so there is always lots of setting up and taking down to be done each Sunday. The girls LOVE a ride on the sound equipment box as Eric wheels it down the hall. Eva and Hope are joined here by Hope's BFF Hazel.


Eva loves to dress up in my clothes. This time she actually looks presentable when a maternity shirt becomes a smocked sundress. It helps that she matched it with my only stylish high-heeled shoes!


We had a busy Mother's Day, but spent a few nice hours at an ice cream shop and park with my family. Eric busied himself with his own mosaic work of art-

The three mamas.

Sweet sisters.


Eva and I attended a Spring Tea at church one Saturday morning. We have been reading the Felicity (the American Girls) books lately, and being a colonial American girl, Felicity often participates in the very formal tea ceremony. You can bet Eva was totally thrilled to dress up in a fancy dress and go to a real, live tea party. She actually loves tea, but the very best part for her was the chocolate dipping sauce and fresh fruit.... or maybe her favorite part was watching the girls who participated in the "talent show." She is full of admiration for older girls who dance, recite poetry, and play violins. Being a little girl is so much fun!


We were honored to be asked to be godparents to Owen August Boldt, son of our dear friends Ryan and Jacque. On Mother's Day we celebrated his dedication and snapped this singular picture.


That's all!

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Erin said...

loved the walk through history! quite amazing! by the way... i think that hoodie I wore is now officiall "too small" !