Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bare Bones Update

EDIT: Don't trust my memory or my ability with numbers...after reviewing my sales receipt from yesterday, I will post the actual facts in RED.

I explained earlier about my $100 for the month.

Shortly after leaving the bank, I spent my first $15 ($21.23) (and some change). Here's what I got-

A bag (5.13 lbs) of apples (.98 / lb.)
5 lbs. white flour
4 lbs. white sugar
6 bananas
40 oz. chicken thighs (buy one/get one deal)
1 bag store brand egg noodles
1 small container dried thyme (I should probably reconsider my "needs")
1 lb. baby carrots

The $85 ($78.77) in my pocket better last us for 30 more days!


1 comment:

The Little Bird said...

ha ha. somehow i found that funny. i'm so with you though. good luck!